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Phone spy
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telephone recording software
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    Main features:
  • Automatically record incoming & outgoing telephone conversations(Using sound card).
  • Caller ID supported(Detects Caller ID using the same sound card).
  • DTMF key detection.
  • Automatic Gain Control(AGC).
  • MP3 and other compression format supported.
  • Auto Email or FTP upload supported.
  • Record up to 12 telephone lines simultaneously in 1 computer.
  • Normal telephone line,IP phone,net meeting recording.
  • Long time recording.
  • Perfect hiding mode.
  • Better quality, lower cost.
  • Synchro monitor.
  • Caller detail(interface for 3rd party database).
  • Requirement: Pentium 133/32M Ram/sound card
  • System: WINDOWS 2000/2003/XP/NT/VISTA
  • Recording file: .WAV / .MP3
  • Recording length: Not limited
  • File size: 40MB/hour(PCM format)
    (Approx. 5MB/hour with audio compression)
Settings and registering:

This edition of Phone spy is the same software as the PROFESSIONAL edition,the registration code it needs is different from that of the PROFESSIONAL edition.details about the settings,please see the PROFESSIONAL edition for reference.

Synchro monitor:

You can monitor every talking line by pressing the pre-defined Hot-key,you will hear the conversation in your computer's spearker while the both sides talking.this function is very useful especialy when the telephone set is in another room.this function is different from 'playback'.

    Caller detail(interface for 3rd party database):(see figure 2)

1. Phone spy can search a pre-defined database for the detail of the caller when there's an incomming call,you'll know who is it before you pick up the telephone.

2. This just like a address-list,phone spy can pop-up a dialog box showing the caller number,caller name,company the caller from,address and other infomation in the database.

3. We don't have such database,we only open and search the database using windows ODBC.for example,if there's a CRM software available in your machine,phone spy can display the information in the database of the CRM software.this CRM software is a 3rd party system.

4. Doing some simple settings in phone spy,it can access the 3rd party database.

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